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Central Square Foundation

The Central Square Foundation (a key player in the education sector in India) have featured the project in its weekly education news round up which has a wide readership.


Policy and Governance
  • According to the UNESCO’s 2019 Global Education Monitoring (GEM) report, eighty percent of migrant children across seven Indian cities do not have access to education near worksites even as 40% of children from seasonal migrant households are likely to end up working rather than being in school, facing exploitation and abuse.The UNESCO report also urges policy makers to strengthen public education for rural migrant children living in slums.
  • The State Government of Tripura has informed the HRD Ministry that school-going students would be taught from National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) textbooks. A team of NCERT experts will be sent during the first week of December to impart a three-month-long training to the teachers about the new syllabus.
  • In the preliminary stage of a four-year project, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Reading in the UK and project partners in Karnataka, Hyderabad and New Delhi, the experts found that the medium of instruction used in schools, especially English, may hold back those children who have little familiarity with, or exposure to, the language before starting school and outside of school life.